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Someone wrote a book about ME?

Posted: 16th February 2011 by That Ghoul Ava in Book/Movie Reviews, Events

Well…not REALLY about ME – that would be pretty fucking boring, and I think the Dilbert cartoons already have that covered. But my “other’ me – That Ghoul Ava! You know, that crude, loud, foul mouthed, brash and obnoxious individual. Actually…that’s really not a big help, is it? Ok, the one that puts on the [...]

Toolbox Murders Review (2004) On Horror-extreme

Posted: 8th October 2010 by That Ghoul Ava in Book/Movie Reviews

My review on the convoluted piece of monkey feces called Toolbox Murders by Tobe Hooper is up on Horror-extreme, if you care to read it. Not that I don’t blame you if you don’t want to read it- I’m the literary equivalent of Jackass, and calling me a writer is just an insult to anyone [...]

Dead Snow

Posted: 22nd August 2010 by That Ghoul Ava in Book/Movie Reviews, Horror

There are two words that can instantly grab my attention: Nazis & Zombies. And if you have both of these things in one movie, you have my UNDIVIDED attention. There’s one thing you need to know before you watch this movie – it doesn’t take itself very seriously. If you’re looking for some underlying theme [...]

This review was done for the Horror-Extreme site as part of my monthly rent – check the original review on his site out here. I just posted it here again because it makes me look like I actually did something. I’m not even going to try and bullshit you: I love everything Freddy. EVERYTHING. Perhaps [...]