Feminism – awwww, isn’t that CUTE?

Posted: 17th September 2010 by That Ghoul Ava in Drunk rantings, Offensive shit!, Random Shit

I’m female. I know, I know, I’ll give you a minute to recover from shock, but yes – I’m a chick. I’m not some girlie girl either. You won’t see me having Sex & the City Movie Marathons, spending time on my nails, or wearing anything pink. Quite honestly, I’m much happier up to my elbows in motor oil, and I prefer getting power tools on my birthday instead of jewelry.

All women are created equal

I’m seeing a shit ton of gender and feminism blogs and posts lately, and  maybe I don’t have a leg to stand on here due to my ignorance , but am I less of a woman because I don’t care about all that? I think you know where this is going – Drunk & angry Ava is going to throw her two cents in.

Feminism & racism is a touchy subject – most likely, I’ll probably piss off a lot pf people with this post, so if you’re one of them. email me your address and I’ll send you a spoon so you can eat my ass. I’m not here to deny that sexism in any form exists, or there’s no such thing as discrimination. But let me give you my point of view, as a woman who’s been a member of the Boys’ Club most of her life. Let’s start with my teenage years: My family owns a lot of car salvage yards in the Chicago area (I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials)- while most kids were earning money baby sitting or working at McDonalds, I was dispatching tow trucks and driving front end loaders. What does this have to do with anything? Well, it was my first lesson in equality. Not only was I a young women in guys’ “territory”, I had to overcome perception that I was given special treatment because I was family (in reality, family treats their own worse). If you want to know why I’m an aggressive, loud, obnoxious cunt – blame my family.

Move on to College. You don’t find a lot of mechanical engineering women. By the time you hit your core classes, it was pretty common to be the only woman. Same with all the fabrication classes I took – you didn’t see a lot of women learning how to weld or run an end mill. Why is that? I dunno, I’m an engineer, not a psychologist. Maybe it’s becuase I enjoyed Legos & GI Joe more than Barbies growing up. Maybe it’s because my father was an engineer, or that both my parents encouraged my mechanical curiosity…or at least didn’t punish me too hard when I took apart some major appliance. Same thing when you enter the work force – there’s not a lot of women in the tooling side of manufacturing.

But let me tell you what I NEVER dealt with: Discrimination. Not ever. Now, sure – there’s been friendly jokes from close friends about me being a possible lesbian (No -I’m not. I like cock, trust me). I never felt denied a promotion, job or experience because I had a vagina. Why? Well, my guess is because I let my ability to speak for me. I never played the “woman” card – I didn’t refuse to do something because it was too heavy, or too dirty when I worked in machine shops, & I didn’t get offended if someone made a dirty or sexist joke – it comes with the territory. If that stuff offends you, you shouldn’t expect the environment to change just for you. I do my job to  the best of my ability, and I don’t want any special treatment in order to do so.

I would be naive if I didn’t acknowledge being a woman might have affected some of the jobs I’ve gotten, but not negatively. I stick out like a sore thumb in this industry. You’re going to remember the chick that applied. And I would be really naive if I didn’t acknowledge that being a male dominated field, most men subconsciously might be hesitant about a women. They’re afraid they  might have to change their behavior and watch their language, or who knows what else. Some women actually play on being female, expecting special treatment. I saw an intern that applied do that this summer, and it made me ill – your tits won’t help me meet my deadline, honey.

So what’s my fucking point? Equality is a right, not a privilege. You want to be treated equal? Act like it. Screaming and yelling you want to be treated equal is just going to make you stand out more and more, but not in a good way. Equality comes from being able to act like an equal – this goes for racism as well. And jesus fucking christ – quit making issues where there aren’t any. A cartoon doesn’t have any female characters? I really doubt it’s because the cartoonist hates women. Some agency didn’t promote enough women, or mexicans or blacks or martians? Before you start screaming discrimination, make sure actual qualified people didn’t get denied. Wouldn’t that bother you, knowing you got hired or promoted because the company was required to get women and wasn’t based on your qualifications? That would piss me off. I’m not good enough, but my tits are!!! YAY!

I was once told my personality isn’t really my own, that it might have developed as a coping mechanism to the environment I’m in. Maybe some women do just that- I’m not one of them. I’m comfortable with me and the people I work with. I’ve never put on an act or felt the need to. And because of that, the guys are comfortable around me. I sure as hell don’t expect them to act different around me – I would hate for them to have to act different.

Now if you’re frothing at the mouth to rip me a new one and ask HOW DARE I DENY DISCRIMINATION EXISTS – sit down and shut the fuck up. I’m not denying it. I know it exists. This is MY personal experience – that doesn’t mean I’m saying this is how it is for everyone, everywhere. I guess it’s a pet peeve of mine to see everyone screaming for equality, but doing their damnedest to make sure they are segregated. Do we really need things like the NAACP, The American Society for Female Engineers, or any other group that segregates based on sex or race? Why do we have entire organizations who’s sole purpose is to get female candidates? Or black candidates? How about we just support QUALIFIED candidates and not give a fuck what’s between their legs? I sure as fuck don’t want to work on an engineering team that is more concerned with have a 50/50 male to female ratio than a team of qualified people. I mean, I’m sure no one will care if the product designed kills you, as long as it had some women on the team, right?

Really…I don’t care if you’re a woman like me. Again – discrimination sucks, and it’s disgusting that it exists. But I’m not going to see your movie just because it was directed by a women – I’ll see it because it’s good. I won’t buy your product because it was designed by a woman – I’ll buy it because it fucking works. And I sure as fuck don’t want you to give me any opportunities that I didn’t deserve because I have to sit down to piss.

**If you think I hate feminism, see my comment below. This site is about drunken rants and satire. Try not to take it too seriously, k?

  1. Dawn says:

    I guess it really depends on what industry you’re in as well. I used to work at a car dealership as a porter then later as a detailer. I was one of the shining stars at the garage and everyone loved me, supervisors, co-workers. There was only ever one creepy guy, and the shop manager handled it for me no questions asked. No one doubted the validity of it. Years later tried to get a job at another garage I remember getting the call back and the guy I spoke to was really personable and excited to have me come in. Then when I got there he was the complete opposite, as if there was something about the way I looked that took away from it.

    At another job, I worked at a beachside sandwich shop. I was let go, along with two other girls, and told there weren’t enough hours and that we were “not dedicated enough” to the company. This was particularly insulting since I worked EVERYDAY of the week during lunch, except Saturdays when the college kids were allowed more hours since they could work as much on weekdays. I was never late, and had a ton of regular customers who would wait in my line even if the other one was open, because my sandwiches were always better. The owners would say “hey this line is open over here” and the customers would say “oh it’s okay, I want HER to make my sandwich.” I didn’t do much, just stayed friendly and took the extra second to arrange things better and make sure it was wrapped and bagged tightly so things wouldn’t spill out before the person could eat them. I always had a better contribution to the tip pool then everyone else. The servicemen would always come to my line too, and flirt with me ever so slightly. Anyway… enough reminiscing about sandwiches and men in uniform, onto the point… I remember a week before it happened the owners gave out new uniforms, except the new uniforms were only for the women, and they were tight, lower cut shirts with clingy fabric as opposed to the unisex shirts we’d been wearing since the store opened weeks before. I was not given one of these uniforms but I didn’t really think about it until after a phone call I got a week after I left. It was a shift lead who I used to take walks with on the beach after shift. He said “I have to tell you something really shitty… this morning when I opened with [one of the owners] he told me that they needed to hire new people to take your guys’ shifts.” “What?” I said, baffled. “He told me ‘the girls we had before weren’t attractive enough to bring in business, so if you know any hot girls with really big boobs looking for a job, have them get an application.’” Coincidentally me and the other two girls were all mixed race, dark haired. So it was like sexism + racism all at once. Love it.

    In marketing, I haven’t ever had any troubles getting hired, pay raises. In office sales, it’s the same. The only other job I’ve had issues getting hired at is… office assistant/secretary positions. Same thing: I’ll get a call, the guy interviewing me loves my resume, sounds excited to see me, and then is a total flat line from the minute he sees me to the time I leave. I wonder sometime if there is something they’re seeing that I’m not. *shrug*

  2. Jenn says:

    You know, with the exception of your choice of image, the ideas in your post are very feminist, IMO. Feminism is very broad and doesn’t only include touchy people whining about how their lives sucks because of their genitals. Living the way you want to live, using professional qualifications instead of tits to advance in a career and being judged as an individual are all “feminist” ideas.

    On groups that segregate based on gender or race, there are a few ways of looking at them. When they’re encouraging employment or other based on gender/race instead of actual qualifications, yes, they’re harmful. But sometimes being a minority is lonely and groups that make it easy to meet others “like you” can be helpful. Not every woman in a “male” setting has exclusively “male” interests. It’s entirely possible for a woman to enjoy both mechanics and sports as well as painting her nails and watching Sex in the City. Personally, when I’m in a male-dominated group, I feel like I fit in, but I still bond closer with the other women because there are things I just can’t talk about with the guys.

    • That Ghoul Ava says:

      You’re absolutely right. I’m not against feminism (that would be kind of silly, wouldn’t it?)- I’m against whining and defeatist attitudes. I’m against people who think the world is against them for no other reason than they’re female. Or black. Or mexican. Or Whatever.

      There’s no doubt there are people or groups that segregation based on gender or race – my point here was I’m tired of people who just ASSUME that’s what’s happening, without any logical reason. Think of it as crying wolf -you hear absurd accusations enough, sooner or later…no one’s listening.

      I’m also not claiming you have to lose your identity as a woman to fit in – I’m more than guilty of having a shoe-gasm, I spend way too much on clothes, and I enjoy my “Girls’ Night Out” as much as the next woman. Perhaps my poorly expressed irritation was that women CAN fit in, but if you don’t – it’s not always because they’re sexist. I’ve seen plenty of men not fit in. It’s not because they’re sexist – it’s because you’re a square peg in a round hole.

      Feminism doesn’t disgust me. Women who think they can’t do things simply because they’re female disgust me.

  3. Ev says:

    Hahaha you are soooo cool! I’m an aircraft mechanic. Right now I’m drunk and approaching 50, and my full time job is teaching 18 year old boys righty tighty lefty loosey. And you know what? I’ve never experienced discrimination either! Just do your job better than everyone else and shut the fuck up!

  4. b.g. says:

    “Look, boys! I’m a Special Female™ who thinks I’m better than all the other women out there! VALIDATE MEEEEEE!!!!”


    • That Ghoul Ava says:

      I would rather be an asshole than a giant pussy, Ms BG. Fake names/emails don’t mean much when we can see your IP. We should do lunch – it’s not a far drive.

      All kidding aside, if that’s what you took away from what I said, I’m sorry – you missed the point by several miles. But I have a sinking suspicion you just came here angry & probably didn’t really read it anyways. That’s cool – but you should probably relax. You’ll live longer.

  5. Well said! I/we have a lot to be grateful to feminism for [/fucking obviousness] but at any point when a movement or a set of ideas has a lunatic fringe which thinks everything which doesn’t go to plan is the fault of sexist [racist/homophobic etc] butthurt, then it’s counterproductive – and stereotyped ideas about what individuals can do based on their gender or race? On closer inspection they always break down, so what are they for? Of course people and interests use these stereotypes to demand or expect certain behaviours, but playing to that sort of thing only perpetuates this shit. Do what you do well; that’s one hell of a start.

    • That Ghoul Ava says:

      No matter how drunk or angry I get, I can always count on you to GET what I’m trying to say, no matter how bad I write it! THANK YOU.