Why I left my WoW Guild

Posted: 20th October 2010 by That Ghoul Ava in Video Games

For anyone who actually reads this blog, and the even fewer that don’t give a rat’s ass about video games & World of Warcraft, I apologize for this next post. It’s all about WoW. Suck it up or skip over reading it.

So last night I left my guild. The guild I have been with for over 5 years now. I made a lot of great friends, and actually met some great people thru it – hell, as nerdy as it sounds, I met my fiance there. For years, our guild kicked ass & took names, being in the forefront of progression, and a majority of servers firsts…not all, but a majority. Celestial Defenders, First Heroic Anub, First Iron bound protodrakes, First Shadowmourne (#7 in the US, I think), Bane of the Fallen King, Lights of Dawn…..but for the last few months, even before the “summer blahs” & “pre-expansion blues” kicked in, something wasn’t right.

We’ve lost a lot of players, like most guilds. Players are tired, unsure of cata, Real life happens. You know how it goes. But when we started losing long time officers, people I consider the cornerstones, things went from bad to worse. There’s certain things you can’t tolerate in a raid, and piss poor attitudes is one of them. Venom towards other players is another. In a progression guild, it’s deadly.

I began to realize that this atmosphere was the reason I didn’t want to play. It’s easy to blame it on newer players that just don’t understand how to raid, but that wasn’t the sole reason. Venomous, self centered attitudes that were allowed to run rampant just sucks all the fun out of it. We used to be driven & focused. Lately, we just seemed interested in being pricks. Leaving the raid if something wasn’t liked, non playful smack talk, refusal to listen…honestly, it sickened me. I took a good look around, and realized the camaraderie I enjoyed, and the people I enjoyed it with, were gone.

The last nail in the coffin to me was the realization, that to fill the officer & RL voids, a certain individual might be promoted. It wouldn’t be the first time this person was given the reigns, and the first time was an absolute disaster. Giving a person with a napoleon complex, the most bizarre mood swings I’ve ever seen, & the most self centered, illogical way of dealing with things is not desirable leadership. Had an officer not returned, I think it would have torn the guild apart the first time. Add in two other “heavyweights” who’s attitude I think are detrimental, and that’s enough.

I probably would have rode it out, but an ongoing joke between us and another top guild was a merger. And someone in the other guild (I have alts there)  made a comment amidst all the joking and said “well…why DON’T we merge?”. Good question…why don’t we? I asked other people what they thought, had them contact the gm, people started getting excited. One of our officers pulled the trigger for those with cold feet, and I followed.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t know all the details. And to be perfectly honest – I didn’t care. I’m ashamed I capitalized on an excuse to leave, but if I was to continue to find any enjoyment in the game, I had to go. That, and I always wanted to be horde. And what I expected to happen, happened. While the other guild was all excited, the venom started flowing from ours. The officer that left became the focal point of the hatred, and the self centeredness of “why should WE go over there? They should come over HERE!” and “We’re better than them” just came out. Maybe focusing all the hate towards us will get them back on track, but how long until that wears off and it’s back on each other is anyone’s guess.

It’s not that I didn’t think a merger wouldn’t work – there was genuine excitement about merging like minded people -it’s that I knew people from my old guild wouldn’t be open to the idea, and the voice of a few would quiet the many, leave them full of doubt. I’ve still got some good friends there, and while I’m going to miss playing with them, I couldn’t continue like that – even I have my limits. If anyone tried to address or comment on these issues, they became the focal point of rage. You get tired of it after awhile. I’m fairly sure my old guild will recover – you don’t exist for over 5 years if you can’t – but I realized something in playing with the competition about what I’ve missed: Drive, focus and most of all, fun. For years, I’ve heard nothing but bashing of the current guild, how they’re assholes, and snake oil salesmen, & I’ve come to the conclusion that people are just repeating what they’ve heard cross faction.  So even if it ends up I’m no longer in the server top guild, I still have my friends, and I’m still with my WoW writing “partner”. And most of all, I think I’m having fun again.

I’m still undecided about Cata. I would be lying if I said the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth, and there’s this voice in the back of my head that screams I’m too old for this nonsense. I did decide my play time will be much more limited, which made my reasoning for enjoying my raid time much more substantial.

And to be honest, I think I look a lot more sexier now.

  1. Kidgroove says:

    As long as your Happy! I’m not a server first guild and theres greener pastures everywhere around me but im surrounded by the people I care about. If that ever changed I’d do the same thing you did too. Much love to you.

  2. steve says:

    HELLS YA! fuck it. drama and idiots almost made me quit. i found a great guild and am back on the fast track to good times.

    good on ya ava!

  3. Marianne says:

    My first thought : Well, at least you’re finally a zombie!

  4. Bill says:

    Might need some glasses there crazy. Your face is falling off…oh wait that is an improvement. AFK removing a good portion of my neck.

  5. Thanks guys.

    The clincher is the people I’m referring to are trying to demonize me for “trying to steal people” when all I wanted to do was get the fuck out of Dodge. But I wouldn’t expect anything less…that attitude just reaffirms I made the right choice. While a guild merger would have been nice, I really didn’t hold my breath because of these guys. And I would be lying if I said I was disappointed.

    Perhaps even my notion of friends was a wash, I don’t see anyone defending me, but I wouldn’t expect it. Even if they could empathize, why risk being a target?

    I know the guild will come back & probably retain their #1 spot, and I’m sorry I won’t be there for it. I wish them the best and aside from a few individuals, it broke my heart to leave and I’ll miss playing with them. But I’m getting too old to continue to be a punching bag. I’ll be the first to congratulate them on any server firsts…if I’m still around.

    We’re still working on our gaming community. Perhaps that will be the WoW out I need while still being able to play with the people I enjoy.

  6. Bump says:

    I want to just drop a comment and say that I wish you the best with your new situation. You are on of the few people who I have played WoW with who I consider a RL friend, even though we’ve never met, I’m certain that we will someday.

    • Thanks Bump – that means a lot, especially since you coming back made the decision that much harder. The possibility of upsetting you and & Sean had me torn apart.

      The feeling is mutual, and we’ve kept in touch throughout your WoW hiatus via twitterland and FB, I don’t think that will change. And when you come to Chicago, we’ll go to a Blackhawks game so you can see real hockey <3 *waits for inevitable Bulls joke*

  7. koalabear says:

    Ava I am so happy to hear that you are going where you will have fun. It isn’t like you have left and joined a scrub guild either, Dark Pact is a pretty awesome guild in that regard.

    I had wondered why I was always seeing you on horde toons, and now I know. :)

    Don’t let the drama get you down. Play the game the way YOU want to play and kick ass.

    Much love to you hun! :D

    • Thanks Hun :)

      They’re a great guild, and I have no doubts they’ll pick shit right back up and be on top. It’s just the cons of staying outweighed my pros. If I wanted to go to a better guild, I could have – it’s not that we don’t entertain frequent offers. I wanted to do this. It’s amusing to watch the problem people be baffled by “if I wanted more, why I would go to a LOWER RANKED GUILD!!??” Well, it’s because they can’t make their accusations match my reasoning. But if down the road I stay in WoW and decide I want or need more, it’s easy enough to find.

      Plus it’s fun to hear the person I refer to in this post accuse me of being the guilds previous problems and state I feel guilty about leaving. And if I’m supposed to feel guilty from taking a stand and deciding to not listen to it anymore, then I guess I’m doin’ it wrong. The majority of the people in the guild don’t buy that, and their opinion is the only ones that matter to me. I’m not sure WHY I should feel guilty; I think he’s confusing the guilt, hostility and people leaving with himself again. He’s not really stable. But with everything I hear, it just reaffirms I made the right call. I can’t blame him for being defensive- it’s exactly what I’m doing here in return -but he also wasn’t the entire problem; just the last straw.

      But now we can do more runs together!

  8. koalabear says:

    We could, if my horde toons were on Bloodhoof. :D

  9. Zombie says:

    I don’t play WoW, but I did play FFXI for a LONG ASS time. 6+yrs or something like that.
    I was in a few Linkshells (guilds, in ffxi-speak), and as fun as they could be, it was people’s attitudes that ruined it for me. Especially the attitudes of those who were given power to be in charge or run events. At the end, I ended up quitting my end-game LS, and just hung out in my social. Did I lose out on awesome gear and even some money? Yes. But was I happier? HELL YES.
    I didn’t like logging in, and feeling like ‘wtf is gonna happen today’, so Kudos for you, for getting out and finding something more suited for you.