Well….I’m pregnant

Posted: 10th November 2010 by That Ghoul Ava in Events, Random Shit

Never thought this day would come – not because I particularly hoped for it, but because I was trying to avoid it all together. We were told that due to past illnesses and medications, any chance I had of getting pregnant was out the window.

Well Shit.

So here I am. A completely immature, selfish, unprepared parent to be. A giant kid, if you will. The idea that I – we – would be responsible for the mental and financial upbringing of a child is just mind boggling. What the hell do I know about kids? I hate kids.

What redeeming qualities to do I have? I suppose I can teach it how to fake the best artery wounds, mix the most believable types of blood or how to do a beer bong, but that’s not appropriate…not before they’re nine, anyways.

So obviously, I was having doubts. Can I do this? Should I do this? Then I went for the ultrasound, and any doubts went out the window.

Just like Mommy!!

And THAT is how you do an April Fool’s joke, fuckers. You do it in November.

  1. Kiyoshhi says:

    I hate you so fucking much. *thwap

  2. Achloryn says:

    Well played… well played indeed…

  3. Angelya says:

    Grats on your adorable lil ghoul ;)

    My keyboard now seems to have a coffee problem <3

  4. tinker says:


  5. Ranedor86 says:

    The best part is that each of you really believes the part about it being a joke.

  6. Rezznul says:

    Adorable! I’d advise bottle-feeding with those fangs, though. *ouch*

  7. Jake Healey says:

    I was pretty sure that as pickled as your innards were that it was impossible.

  8. koalabear says:

    You know what would have been _really_ cool?

    Having the baby pop out at the screen.