Someone wrote a book about ME?

Posted: 16th February 2011 by That Ghoul Ava in Book/Movie Reviews, Events

Well…not REALLY about ME – that would be pretty fucking boring, and I think the Dilbert cartoons already have that covered. But my “other’ me – That Ghoul Ava! You know, that crude, loud, foul mouthed, brash and obnoxious individual. Actually…that’s really not a big help, is it? Ok, the one that puts on the Ghoul Costume for the Horror Society – THAT one.“That Ghoul Ava” started as a joke, more or less. My internet face, if you will. I really don’t have an explanation as to why the character is almost identical to me, personally, other than it’s easier to pull off this way when I’m drunk – it’s extremely easy to be in character.

But anywhoo, apparently I amuse the shit out of people. I assume it’s like the monkeys at the zoo – you really don’t want one in your house, but it’s hilarious to watch them throw shit. But through social interactions, I came to meet a talented author, TW Brown and his company May-December Publications. You may have heard me talk about some of his books, including Dead: The Ugly Beginning and Zomblog – excellent books, each set in a zombie apocalypse. His writing reminds me of Brian Keene – vivid, with extreme and explicit imagery….these are not PG rated books, nor should they be….I doubt the end of the world will be pleasant.

But as a side project, perhaps to amuse himself, he created a series based on That Ghoul Ava. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. And if other people enjoy it, we’ll be making it a series. So I was hoping all of you, kind people of the internet, could spare $4 (only $1.50 if you use code JJ33A at checkout!!!) and give it a read? You can check out the preview for free! So please, leave comments here & let us know what you think, even if you just read the preview, or if you want to tell us this is the biggest waste of time you’ve ever heard of.

Now the character isn’t EXACTLY like me….I’m too claustrophobic for back seat romps, and I wouldn’t have hesitated to eat that damn dumpster baby. But she’ll get there….soon.

So please: go here to Smashwords, and check it out! You can even put it on your Kindle! Ain’t technology fucking amazing?

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  2. Hempia says:

    Love it! She’s done an amazing job of doing an Ava spread in words. I hope there’s more to come! I think a Zombified Ava image might be in the works by my daughter… but don’t quote me on it.

  3. I rather enjoyed how she approached my ‘creation’: taking my opposite traits, such as a not so foul mouth, a fondness for glam rock/ make up, and sex in the city and a hatred of horror, and over the series turns her into, well, me. :D