A random joke

Posted: 17th July 2011 by That Ghoul Ava in Random Shit

A man hurts his elbow somehow. It’s giving him a lot of problems, so he makes an appointment with his doctor. The doctor comes into the room, and listens to the man explain the symptoms. But rather than look at the elbow, he asks him to urinate in a cup. The man is a bit puzzled, but does as he’s ask. The doctor puts the urine in a machine, and a few second later, the screen pops up a diagnosis & treatment:

“Tennis Elbow, minor strain. Aspirin for pain. Keep elevated and activity to a minimum for 2 weeks.”

‘Holy shit!!” the mans says “That’s amazing!!”

‘Yes, said the doctor, ‘it’s a new invention I’m working on. Come back and see me for a follow up in 2 weeks. Bring your urine sample in the specimen cup the nurse will provide.’

So 2 weeks go by, and the man is getting ready to return to the doctor, but he’s really curious on how good this machine is, so he decides to play a little joke: He adds his urine, some from his wife, some from his daughter, some from the family dog, a little motor oil from the car, and finally – he jerks off into it.

He hands the sample to the doctor, who places it into the machine,  which goes nuts.

“What’s wrong, doc?” asks the man, trying to stifle a laugh.

“Well..” the doc finally says, ” Your dog has worms, your car needs a new oil filter, your wife is sleeping with the neighbor, your daughter is pregnant, and if you don’t stop jerking off, that elbow is NEVER going to heal.”