About The Bitch

By That Ghoul Ava

I’m a immature & crude 30 (ish) yr old Mechanical Engineer Chick. I’m  a huge Video Gaming Nerd & Horror junkie, writer at  Horror-Extreme & Bloody Good Horror, & retired author of the Tales of a Priest World of Warcraft blog. I moonlight as my alter-ego “That Ghoul Ava” for the Chicago Horror Society – an undead, foul, crude, drunk, baby-eating monstrosity…basically, the character is just like my real personality, aside from the whole undead and baby eating thing.

I say a lot obnoxious, crude, racist, sexist, and just plain awful things – but I don’t necessarily believe them. There’s a huge difference in believing in stereotypes, and laughing at them. And I laugh at pretty much anything.

I cover anything that’s going thru my fat head, be it horror, real world events, movies, offensive jokes – pretty much anything goes, and will have my sarcastic twist to it. If you’re coming here looking for intelligent conversation and serious topics – you’re an idiot. Look somewhere else. Don’t come here because you saw a link to a post that got your panties in a twist. Most of what I write is done in extreme states of intoxication with a goal of amusing people that don’t take life so seriously, & offending those that do.

So there’s no boundaries here. Say what you want. I love a good discussion and a good drunken rant even more. I love comments, so leave them.

  1. Mr. Tucker says:

    I didn’t have anything intelligent to say, so I filled this box with random words.

  2. Xaibak says:

    I always look foward to your movie talk bits on slash 2.
    You rock AvA.

  3. Khelandros says:

    Hi.. you’ve piqued my interest. Going to follow you on Twitter to see what else you have to say.

  4. Jafrugh says:

    your f-ing rant fests on slash 2 make my damn day. keep that up!

  5. Stephan says:

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